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When you try to buy your cigarettes from your local store there is a federal tax that need to be paid per carton of cigarettes. That is mainly the reason why a smoker needs to pay more than $40 for a carton of genuine Marlboro, Winston, or Camel cigarettes.

That is why buy cigarettes online from the various cigarette stores comes so handy in smokers life. Such cheap Marlboro cigarettes or tax free Camel cigarettes are only half the price of an original taxed cigarette carton since in their price there is not a taxation inclusion.

Moreover the price you pay in your local store is always includes overhead costs that someone could avoid when buy from the online cigarettes shops. If you search over the internet and make a price comparison with the cigarette prices of your local store and of those from an online discount cigarettes store you will figure out that you could buy all of the discount major cigarette brands by up to 80 percent. In addition to that most of the stores as a part of their marketing campaign, offers discount sales and clearance sections that offer even better cigarette deals.

Tax free cigarettes are mostly sending from the online stores through mail and there are certain rules and regulations of the post office that needs to be followed. Usually there is a ban of tax free cigarettes from reselling in any form and is only for personal use.

A smoker that is looking to buy tax free cigarettes should bear on mind that the existing Laws regarding duty free cigarettes are frequently being amended so is always wise to try to be updated with the latest changes in the legislation before attempting to order cigarettes tax free.

Is it legal to buy duty free cigarettes online?

This is the most frequently asked question that bothers the majority of the smokers and prevent them from actually save their money and purchase their tobacco products from the internet. The quick answer to that is Yes, as long as the purchase is made in accordance with all international trade and postal regulations and with the assumption that you are least 18-21 years of age depending on your location.

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